What I know about Ashley

Her relation to Damon

Ashley (from Seattle, WA) wanted to move out, but unable to bear the costs of this venture by herself she decided to create an “Ancap House,” that is to say, she wanted to convince fellow anarcho-capitalists to be room mates with her. She asked her online buddies and people she knew locally from an ancap meet up group, but no one went along with it. Being desperate after much rejection she created a Skype call with all the ancaps she knew (including Skype names she asked for in the chat room from the anarcho-capitalis group on Steam). It is here that Damon (going by the handle Branden on Steam at the time) decided he liked the idea. Ashley was weary at first because Damon was a known doxxer even at the time (behind one of the channels that got DMCA’d by Stefan Molyneux (not TrueShibes) and behind a website that would eventually become defoo.org while living with Ashley) but, according to her, he said “his doxxing days were a thing of the past” and that he would take down all the information he had made public, so they moved in together.

How Ashley gets money

Contrary to a post on damondox.com, Ashley does not have autism, but she pretended to have it so that she would get benefits and an Adderal prescription. What is more, she encouraged a number of people from the local meet up she frequented to do the same, saying they could get away with it and it was a really good idea. It is also known both her and Damon got in early on Bitcoin. so they might have some money from that.

Universally disliked

They have both been banned from the anarcho capitalist group on Steam at points for doxxing, spamming, being deliberately disruptive of the chat, and trolling. They also tried to get into Freedomainradio meet ups in the area, but the organizers eventually opted for setting them up privately for the exclusive purpose of avoiding these two.

My source for the above in formation comes partly from what she has said in the chat from the Ancap group on Steam, what she and Damon said in the aforementioned Skype group, and a source who had contact with her IRL

Ashley in her own words

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July 2 3 edit

 July 2 2

Ashley asks to be followed on Twitter and to join an argument she’s gaving on G+, presumably looking for personal information.

March 15edit

Admits to “trolling” Christopher Cantwell. Notice the anti semitic slur.

March 15 8edit

Elaborate’s on Cantwell’s “trolling,” admits to calling FTL to ask about “sucking dick”


Also goes by “sweet lips” apparently.

March 16edit

“LOL let me know if any do”

More march 16edit

“I gave jeffrey tucker alcohol”

Feb 8edit

Ashley tells us about the online relationship she had with an underage boy.

January 3edit

Tells us about her boobs.

JAn 22 2edit


March 15 6edit

The above two aren’t even on the same month, she sporadically joins the room and asks to be fucked/declares she is horny. Note, “tom” is who she said she Brandon was in the Keene incident.

March 15 5edit

“I’ve sucked dick before”

Feb 8 4edit

Cool story bro.

March 15 7edit


 March 15 4edit

We have references and evidence u guise. Keep an eye out for this.

Links and accounts

Her Skype name is Ashleywaffle

The reddit name she used for the longest time was AshleyWaffle, but that has been deleted. She now goes by the name yolodankmemer (note the link she posted to her last.fm on r/goth.) Very classy.

Her soundcloud

Her Vampire Freaks account

Her MyAnimeList account

Steam group she made because no one liked her on the Steam Ancap group

Her AdamVSTheMan account. She offers an “ask me anything” but no one cares

SuperUser account.

A pastebin with a number of irc and other chat she has been involved in.

I have screenshots of all of this upon request if they happen to go down. Most of the chats are from March 15 and 16, some other from months ago.

IF YOU KNOW MORE CONTACT ME AT: infoashley at gmx.com